Switching IT Companies is Easy with Simpatico Systems

Simpatico Systems comes alongside you and your business throughout the entire process of switching IT companies, so you never have to worry about how to best carry it out.


COVID-19 revealed a lot about our society and our economic structures. One of the most consistent things we hear from people is how horribly inadequate their IT Network and Support Company was throughout the pandemic. Their current IT provider has consistently struggled to meet their needs – especially in the rapidly-advancing technological environment.

This has led to thousands of businesses seeking to switch IT Companies, but many are concerned that switching is too difficult.

Will we have to start from square one?

If so, will we lose important information?

What exactly does our current IT company control?

Will we have to close during transition?

How much time and business will we lose while switching?


The truth is, switching IT companies can be a massive project. IT companies have administrative access to everything on an organization’s network, so it’s never as simple as having one provider today and a different one tomorrow. Not to mention the risk of losing business due to downtime or interruptions in service!

Do these concerns sound familiar? Don’t sweat it. Simpatico Systems makes onboarding easy! We’ve spent years perfecting our switching process, which makes switching IT companies simple, quick, and painless. Some of the steps you can expect include:

  • Gaining full control of your network and files
  • Getting complete documentation of your IT network
  • Gaining access to all copies of your data backup


Once Simpatico and your organization have worked together to accomplish these, Simpatico Systems will then perform an extensive assessment of your systems and security. This assessment will help identify risks and vulnerabilities that need to be resolved. It will also enable Simpatico to recommend and implement better security measures into your IT infrastructure.

From there, Simpatico will take care of the rest! Switching companies may seem horrifying at first, but with Simpatico Systems to help you during the transition, the process is made seamless. With reliable, hands-on service to ensure a smooth transition, eliminate downtime, and maintain operations through all business hours, switching IT companies with Simpatico ensures that your business remains productive and maximizes your network capabilities!

Switching It Companies is Easy

Switching It Companies is Easy with Simpatico Systems

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