Centralized management of your premises’ entry points

Access control involves restricting physical access to facilities, parking lots, specific rooms, and more to select individuals. With Simpatico Systems Access Control, you will be able to easily grant or restrict access to your property and specific areas.

Our Access Control Solutions allow you to:

Save money by doing away with keys and the need to change locks whenever you have employee turnover

Manage users much more efficiently and maximize your security and productivity

Suitable for small, medium, or large premises

Protect staff-only areas, parking lots, storage facilities, and more from unwanted access

Use event reports to see who has used their access permissions during a specific day or time period

Minimal equipment saves you money on installation and maintenance


It’s your business. Control who has access to your assets at all times.

Easy-to-use software Central control of privileges

Manage thousands of doors and up to 50,000 users Intuitive event reporting

Scalable platform grows as you grow

Easily integrate other building systems with existing systems

Choose from proximity, magstripe, or keypad access

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