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Surveillance is used in many different industries, including retail, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution. Whether you need to watch operations, protect assets, verify activity, or learn about and improve processes, a surveillance system offers valuable visual knowledge.

Simpatico offers packages ranging from inexpensive protection and video storage to high-tech security verification using badges, PINs, or biometrics. Speak with a Simpatico surveillance specialist today to find the protection that’s right for you.


  • Variable distance cameras zoom in tight on money or wider to view sales processes
  • Reliable ala–m management
  • High-speed playback
  • Flexible video exporting
  • Optional free Video Management System Software
  • (VMS) and cloud access
  • No blind spots
  • Verify employee integrity and operations
  • Prevent theft and damage
  • Track distance and temperature of objects
  • Easy-to-use software organizes and analyzes your video recordings
  • Low space requirements won’t interfere with the look of your business


  • Custom-set temperature ranges
  • Can be powered by solar, wind, or fuel cells
  • GMP moonlight sensors
  • Event management
  • Verify products and manage inventory with a tight zoom camera angles
  • Monitor temperature-critical processes and provide early warnings
  • Prevent fires, burglaries, and other safety hazards
  • Reduce costs caused by damages, repairs, and power cuts
  • Resistant against shock, vibration, and temperature variations


  • Outdoor and indoor cameras
  • One-click activation
  • Motion recording setting branded for your specific cameras
  • Hemispheric technology
  • Fewer false alarms
  • Security and protection for after-hours or when security personnel are away
  • Identify perpetrators and persons of interest faster with HD video recordings

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