Staying up to date with the advancements in technology can be overwhelming.  We are here to help.

Technology changes at a rapid pace that can seem daunting to keep up with. As new technology emerges, so do new threats. Simpatico offers full-scale technology consulting that encompasses several areas of business. Whether your business needs security assessments or in-depth reporting, Simpatico can help.

We work with companies of all sizes including local stores to Fortune 100 enterprises. Our technology consulting offerings are designed to help your business achieve its optimal level of output while staying safe in the digital era. Take a look at some of our offered services below.

Chief Information Office (CISO & CIO)

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Whether your company is not large enough for an in-house CIO, or if you do not have the proper personnel, Simpatico can help with our CISO and CIO offerings. In the digital era having a specialist for information and information security is crucial for the long-term success of any company.

Our CISO and CIO can make sense of all your information while helping plan for the future. Working alongside your team, your  Officer will conduct strategic planning over details including information, data, and network security. Simpatico will not only make sense of and keep your data safe but also grow alongside your company as you continue to expand.

Technology Maturity Index is a graphical representation that shows how your information systems promote the competitiveness of your company. It is capable of measuring how the key components function in your company, which influences and determines how much competitive advantage your company can gain through IT.

A proper TMI is a powerful tool for the growth of your company. Utilizing Simpatico’s TMI, your company can create a path which secures potential weaknesses while capitalizing on strengths in the information, technology and data sectors of your business. Take a look at a sample TMI report to the left.

Office365 Consulting

Office365 from Microsoft is much more than the email platform. Using Office365 as only an email platform is like using a Ferrari for storage. This powerful software allows for calendar integration, online booking and payment collections, as well as the creation of eye-catching and unique presentations.

Regardless if your company is already using Office365 or if you are looking to upgrade to this platform, Simpatico can help. Through consulting, Simpatico can make a transition to this software seamless, without losing any data during the switch.

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