Simpatico Systems Selected by Caprock Home Health As Their Network Management and IT Support Experts

Simpatico Systems has been selected by Caprock Home Health as their Network Management and IT Solutions partners in their efforts to improve the quality of life for their patients across Texas.

Caprock Home Health Services is the largest family-owned home health provider in Texas and has been helping patients live independently from the comfort of their own home for nearly 40 years. Caprock Home Health Services is a company committed to serving Texas residents with quality home health care including home health aides, disease management, various therapy options and much more.

Simpatico is excited to join Caprock Home Health Systems in their efforts to empower their Texas residents to find comfort at home, and to gain independence in their world.

Simpatico is a well-known leader in business services including Cybersecurity, Technology Consulting, IT Solutions, Security, and audio-visual needs. With their expert team of engineers, Simpatico specializes in designing systems that are simple, easy to use, effective, affordable, and results-driven.

Simpatico is a global leader in business services and partners with businesses like CHHS across the state of Texas and will be putting their expertise to work providing Caprock Home Health with their award winning network management solutions and IT Support.

About Simpatico Systems
Simpatico is a global Managed IT and Artificial Intelligence based Cybersecurity company with headquarters in Lubbock, Texas. Simpatico offers industry-leading, AI-based Cybersecurity software with 24/7 Intelligent Managed IT services. This platform is complemented by an array of IoT physical-security and life-safety solutions for businesses and enterprises worldwide. Simpatico is proud to be a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) supporting businesses that need CMMC certification and audits with the US Department of Defense and other US military-related entities.

Release Contact:
Name: Pepper Campbell

Simpatico Systems
Phone: 806-224-0300

Caprock Home Health Services
Phone: 806-792-2660

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