Network and Security Assessments
Security Assessment

A security assessment helps us understand where potential issues lie and an evidence-based platform to build solutions on.

Spam Email

Email is one of the most vulnerable areas for businesses of any size. Simpatico can review your current email platform and make sure potential attacks are thwarted before they reach your inbox.


Passwords can be a pain, it is too tempting to make an easy-to-remember password that is far too weak. Simpatico can help develop sophisticated password setups with a range of functions, to keep your protected data safe.

Security Awareness

Helping your staff understand technology best practices is a crucial piece of any cybersecurity plan. Simpatico offer in person and web-based training solutions.

Advanced Endpoint Detection & Response

Protecting your company’s network from script-based and fileless attacks is a top priority. Reviewing your company’s endpoint security, Simpatico can detect where changes need to potential outdated anti-virus software.


Encryption adds a new level of protection to all of your company’s data. Simpatico System can audit the encryption levels for stored data, information transfers such as emails, and much more.

Computer Updates

Updating your software and firmware on your company’s computer is another key to a sound cybersecurity plan. Simpatico will review your network and computers to make sure they are operating with the latest technology.

Dark Web Research

Simpatico can comb the deep and dark webs to see if any of your company’s information has been shared or sold. These scans allow us to take action before damage can be done with mishandled information.

SIEM/Log Management

Through using big data engines, Simpatico can review and track all event and security logs. This tracking can help by thwarting sophisticated threats while also making sure your company meets both PCI and HIPAA compliances.

Mobile Device Security

If your company’s employees use mobile devices to access company information different risks exist. While hackers plan on companies forgetting about mobile device security, Simpatico can assure that mobile sessions are protected.

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