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Simpatico Systems Burglar Alarm

24/7 Physical Asset Security

The average loss from a single burglary is $2,119, with some incidents costing business owners tens of thousands of dollars in damages and lost property. According to the FBI, even though burglaries are more common than many other crimes, only 12.4% of burglaries are ever solved, and in most cases, stolen property is never recovered.

Simpatico Systems Intrusion Protection defends against theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access while giving you full control of your security system with a mobile app. We ensure your business is secure so you can focus on its success.

For an affordable fee, you get enterprise-class tools that will protect your employees and your investments.


Simpatico Systems Intrusion Protection offers the most advanced technology solutions for maximum security, convenience, and support.

  • State-of-the-art Honeywell alarm signals communicate using the internet and wireless radios for primary and backup alarm transmission
  • Scalable security adapts to serve businesses of any size
  • Includes intrusion, fire, remote monitoring, and more, in one flexible, upgradable system
  • Summons authorities to your business in the event of a burglary, fire, or other emergencies
  • Intuitive touchscreen keypads include state-of-the-art graphics
  • Protective sensors detect environmental hazards, theft, outside motion, broken glass, and more
  • Remote services allow you to access your security system from your PC, laptop, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Android, or other compatible devices


Powerful security means less worry. Trust that your assets are protected so you can put more energy into running a thriving business.

  • Your alarm will never go unanswered
  • Your alarm system will be installed to fit with your existing technology systems, so you can avoid additional expenses
  • As your business grows, moves, or changes, so will your security system
  • Constant protection from multiple threats including flood, property loss, and liability claims
  • Easy-to-use optional touchscreens reduce training time and put security at your fingertips
  • Mobile device remote control center gives you access to your security systems from anywhere

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