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Simpatico Systems Firewall

Your first line of defense

In today’s world of advanced technology and innovative cyber criminals, it takes more than changing your passwords every few months to keep your data secure. With Simpatico Systems Firewall, your network is protected by a virtual security force 24-hours per day.

Simpatico Systems Firewall is your perimeter defense against unauthorized traffic on your network while also monitoring existing traffic, protecting your data from intrusions, and recording when people connect to and disconnect from your network. Don’t leave your systems unprotected in an age where data is king.

If your business deals with online data, cloud storage, or internet communications, you need a strong, next-generation firewall from Simpatico Systems.


From individual connections to global usage trends, Simpatico Systems Firewall is your eyes and ears in cyberspace.

  • Reliable coverage to support guests securely alongside devices and internal networks
  • Rich analytics deliver breakthrough visibility into network usage trends
  • Device counting identifies how many and which devices are on your network
  • Integrated WiFi security provides full-time threat detection with containment
  • Create barriers between low-level network users and business-critical data
  • Use VPN access to allow or deny access to remote users
  • Meet PCI, HIPAA, and other government regulations


Simpatico Systems Firewall does more than block unwanted traffic. It protects your users, data, and clients so you can run a thriving business without fear of intrusion.

  • Blocks unwanted and unauthorized traffic
  • Protects employee and customer data from malicious or criminal access
  • Detects activity before it becomes a problem
  • Usage reports allow you to understand, improve, and focus your productivity effectively
  • Optional heat-mapping feature identifies the highest concentration of use for your network
  • Maximize online productivity by blocking employee time killers like Facebook

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