Common Questions


  1. Will my bill change?

    • Invoice display will look different. All line items will remain the same.
    • See invoice example
  2. How will I be billed?

    • You will be billed via email to the finance contact on file.
    • Invoices are emailed 2 weeks prior to the upcoming month’s services and are due on the first of the Month
  3. If I have ACH payments, will that change?

    • If you have ACH established with Wave. ACH information needs to be updated to Simpatico systems for payment to be received.
    • ACH information will be attached to Mays invoice.
    • Payment for May 1st, 2022 will have to be re-established if it was previously set up as ACH. Download the Simpatico ACH form below and follow the instructions on the ACH form.
    • For questions – contact finance at ar@simpat.co or 855-476-6347.
  4. When is my invoice due?  Terms?

    • AGR invoices are due on the first of the Month.
    • Standard invoice –NET30
    • Down payment – due upon receipt
  5. How do I pay my invoice?  Options to remit, late fees?

    • Remittance, late fees, etc. options are noted on bottom left of invoice.
    • See example here 
  6. How do I receive finance documents (i.e. ACH, cc Info, W9)

  7. Reminder notices for past due invoices?  Statements?

    • Can be requested at ar@simpat.co
    • Past due invoice will not automatically be sent out.
  8. Who do I contact with any changes?

  9. Who do I contact for support?

    Have questions or concerns?

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