Free Webinar: Cybersecurity Decisions for Business Owners, CEOs and CFOs

Technology is changing rapidly and so are the cybersecurity threats that are looming at the doors of all organizations.  You may think your antivirus software is enough, but it is not.  Business leaders need to know how to keep their companies and employees safe.  In just 45 minutes you’ll learn more about:

  1. Why should Business Owners and CEOs get Cybersecurity for their companies?
  2. How does Cybersecurity impact cash flow and margins?
  3. Why is Antivirus dead? When did that happen?
  4. What is involved in launching Cybersecurity for an organization.

Our webinar presenters are Cyrus Driver (President & CEO) and Jeramia Cohen (Chief Information Security Officer) of Simpatico Systems.   With their many years of experience in executive leadership they understand the decisions you are having to make to lead your organizations.  Join us and gain actionable insights into how to best protect your business through AI cybersecurity.

Keep your business safe and secure by reserving your seat at this important upcoming webinar Thursday, July 30th from 2pm – 2:45pm CST.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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