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Disaster Recovery Preparedness through Orchestration & Automation

Thursday, June 18th, 2020 @ 2 PM CST

Simpatico Systems will be hosting a free webinar to help you better understand how you can better protect your business’s data assets, while ensuring business continuity. Learn why simple data backups aren’t enough and how our cutting edge technology through orchestration and automation can protect your crucial business data assets.

You need to be able to recover your data when disaster strikes! Don’t loose your valuable data because you weren’t prepared! In this valuable webinar, you’ll see how easy it is to be prepared through orchestration and automation in our Disaster Recovery suite.

Most businesses think their information is safe. Maybe you have a backup, when was the last time you tested it? Simple backups may not be as reliable as you think. In this webinar you’ll learn and get a hands on view of how Simpatico Systems could help implement a full disaster recovery plan for your business! Not only do you need a good backup, you need a good recovery solution!

Cory Ruthardt (Executive Vice President of Technology) and Jeramia Cohen (Chief Information Security Officer) of Simpatico Systems will help you see why protecting your data is so important. Not only that, you’ll also get to hear from Chris Bayne, Chief Architect at Infrascale, to learn more about some of the amazing technology behind our backup solutions.

Join in on this crucial webinar to learn more about how you can protect your data!

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Webinar Hosts

Cory Ruthardt

Executive Vice President of Technology

Cory Ruthardt will share insights into what real-time compliance auditing is and how important it is for your business.

Jeramia Cohen

Chief Information Security Officer

Jeramia Cohen will outline the importance of the CMMC requirements and why real-time compliance auditing can help keep your business safe.

Chris Bayne

Chief Architect - Infrascale

Hear from Elemental Cyber Security's Cheif Operations Officer on the how adding real-time compliance auditing can keep your company safe and give you the edge with DOD contracts.