Technology Maturity Index


Technology Maturity Index is a graphical representation that shows how the competitiveness of your company is promoted by your information systems. It is capable of measuring how the key components function in your company, which influences and determines how much competitive advantage your company can gain through IT.

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IT Business Continuity

What is the level of IT Security?

  • Data Security
  • Corporate Information Security
  • Vulnerability
  • Basic Tools for IT Security
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IT Responsibility

How proactive and responsible is the IT ecosystem?

  • Quality of the IT Service Delivery
  • Problem Management
  • Proactive Behavior
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IT Readiness

How efficient and professional is the IT ecosystem?

  • Professional Competence of the Service Provider
  • End-User Efficiency
  • Reliability of IT Devices
  • Responsibilities of IT Management
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IT Transparency

How transparent is the IT ecosystem?

  • IT Reporting
  • Transparency of the IT Department
  • Efficient and Transparent System in Place
  • Cost Transparency
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IT Cost Effectiveness

How cost-effective is the IT ecosystem?

  • IT Budget Management
  • Lean IT Management
  • IT Procurement Management
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Key IT Functions

What are the technology priorities?

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Line of Business Applications
  • Productivity Applications, Reports
  • Custom developments, integrations
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IT Governance

How measurable and governable is the IT ecosystem?

  • IT Performance Management
  • Initiatives and Development Management Audit
  • Compliance and Quality Management
  • Organization of the IT Operations
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Key Business Functions

What are the business priorities?

  • Growth, Sales, Marketing
  • Operations, Processes
  • Management, HR
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IT Strategy

How strategy- and business-focused is the IT ecosystem?

  • Quality of the IT Strategy Planning
  • Quality of the IT Strategy
  • Quality of the IT Operations Plan
  • Quality of the Execution of the IT Operations Plan

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