Simpatico Systems helps stranded community in Texas

By March 30, 2020 Press Releases

After a small town grocery store burnt down, a group of employees from Simpatico Systems along with other community organizations worked tirelessly to get a new grocery store online within four days.

Early in the morning of March 20th, the sole grocery store in a small Texas town burned to the ground. The residents of San Saba, Texas were already struggling to keep essential items stocked at their local Lowe’s Grocery Store, especially considering the effects of the Coronavirus–outbreak that has decimated grocery shelves for weeks.

However with the help of Simpatico Systems, the city, and a handful of organizations residents of San Saba, Texas had a functioning grocery store up and running once again. Roger Lowe, President of Lowe’s Supermarkets was grateful for the help saying, “our trusted technology partners at Simpatico Systems worked tirelessly with us for four days to help set up our new network infrastructure. We could not have gotten this new store online without them.”

Patrick Vaughn, VP of Operations at Simpatico Systems, heard about the fire and promptly gathered three other Simpatico representatives from all over Texas, a large grill from a church in Lubbock, and drove to San Saba to help the cause. They were soon put to work installing security systems, wiring audio, and cooking steaks for everyone alongside the Texas Hunters for Heroes.

When asked about his experience, Patrick said, “Simpatico Systems has had a long-standing relationship with Lowe’s and have worked side-by-side before. This type of working relationship helped the daunting task flow smoothly as it only took four days from the beginning of construction for Lowe’s to open their doors to the San Saba community once again.  It was truly incredible.”

The story of the San Saba Lowe’s Grocery store will now serve as a testament to what a community can accomplish with a little help from trusted business partners and local organizations, even in the middle of local and global crisis.

About Simpatico Systems:
Simpatico Systems is a premier national Managed IT and Artificial Intelligence based Cyber security company with headquarters in Lubbock, Texas. Simpatico Systems offers Managed IT services along with an array of physical and cyber security solutions to businesses and remote teleworkers.

About Lowe’s Supermarkets:
Lowe’s Supermarkets is a Texas-based, neighborhood market company committed to doing the little EXTRAS to meet the needs of their customers since 1964.  Lowe’s Supermarkets’ operating philosophy has been to take care of the community, our Teammates, and their families.

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