Superior backup solutions that maximize uptime

Simpatico MirrorImage Enterprise Backup Superior backup solutions that maximize uptime

It only takes one power surge, natural disaster or software malfunction to destroy the data that fuels your business. In most cases, the time to recover from a data loss will cost you money by the second. Get peace of mind and confidence in your company’s future with MirrorImage secure backup and disaster recovery services from Simpatico.

With redundant data protection in place, you get peace of mind knowing your business’s critical data is secure.

Flexible vaulting options for customizing your data storage

Never worry about losing important files and data

Reliable support to help you regain control of lost files

Restore your critical data instantly

Minimal downtime to restore means greater productivity

Streamline your processes with systems that work together

Simpatico focuses on providing a custom-designed solution that fits your exact business needs. Our engineers design your systems’ hardware configurations to match the demands of your business. Your state-of-the-art MirrorImage Enterprise Backup solution brings the very best in data protection, recovery, and security with added support at no extra cost.


Secure Backup gives you the convenience of the cloud with the reliability of onsite hardware storage. Simpatico delivers:

Automated snapshots that recognize changes to your data and establish a restore check-point every 15 minutes

Local and off-site protection of all your company servers and files

Quarterly compliance testing

Comprehensive and quick file restoring

Secure 256-bit encrypted data storage at a SSAE, SOC-1 Type II compliant data center

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