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Simpatico Systems Fire Alarms

Total protection from fire incidents

Fires can spark from a tiny source and end up costing you thousands of dollars in damages and lost inventory. Simpatico Systems Fire Alarms use fast and reliable systems that come to the rescue when your livelihood is threatened.

Simpatico Systems Fire Alarms are cost-effective systems with the flexibility for new construction and retrofitting for older systems and buildings. With seamless integration, multi-purpose functionality, money-saving technology, and scalable configurations, our alarms help contain the flames and protect your business from burning to the ground.

Simpatico Systems installs and maintains fire alarms to keep your employees safe and help you meet workplace safety regulations.


Customize your protection with a system tailored to meet your needs

  • Fire alarm control panels in varying sizes
  • Emergency voice evacuation and mass notification
  • Addressable point identification
  • Built-in digital communication
  • NAC synchronization
  • Ultra-fast protocols that alert nearby fire departments
  • Vast compatibility allows for inexpensive retrofitting of existing or missing fire safety features
  • Communicates via WAN or LAN to a central station
  • Up to 159 detectors per device
  • Sensitivity testing and automatic drift compensation


When a fire breaks out, seconds count. Simpatico Systems Fire Alarms save time, money, and lives.

  • Four available systems allow you to customize your protection
  • Cost-efficient retrofitting is designed to suit your exact location
  • Interchangeable systems allow for easy upgrades and scaling
  • Improved technology reduces false alarms and saves you from expensive downtime
  • Fast alarm communication brings help quicker

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