Simpatico Cybersecurity

Simpatico makes cybersecurity simple so you can focus on building a successful business.

Simpatico Systems, LLC. offers three levels of cybersecurity services which are designed to meet your organization’s risk appetite level. Whether you are looking for basic security services to reduce risk, compliance consulting, or a top-down organization-wide security architecture, Simpatico Systems has your ideal package.

Our Simpatico Cybersecurity services provide a layer of security, help when you need it, and report to let us know when things go awry. With each of our Cybersecurity packages, not only is your business better protected from outside threats, but we also ensure your technology is functioning as it should.

Simpatico Systems offers three feature-rich Cyber Security package options for every business.

Host-based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS)

Our HIDS monitor and analyzes individual workstations, servers, and other endpoints for anomalies and threats. When threats are detected our HIDS automatically quarantine the endpoint so threats can be dealt with quickly.

Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (NIDS/NIPS)

Our network intrusion detection/prevention system is an inline appliance after the firewall that examines network traffic flows to detect and prevent vulnerable exploits and attempted network breaches.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Incident detection and response are the most challenging stages of the cybersecurity incident cycle. Organizations can sometimes take years to realize a breach occurred. With Simpatico’s dedicated SOC , we are able to get near-real-time attack detection.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Cybersecurity threats don’t sleep. Neither should your network monitoring. Our security analysts continuously monitor threat dashboards to catch advanced cyber-attacks, sifting through data from network flows, endpoint sensors, and other security logs.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Bundled with our cybersecurity services: the person who makes sense of it all and helps plan for the future. Your CISO will conduct strategic planning sessions over information, data, and network security. The goal is to not only solve the daily cybersecurity issues but also provide long-term leadership that will grow with you.

Vulnerability Management

Simpatico’s Managed Security Services continuously scans and identifies vulnerabilities with Six Sigma (99.99966%) accuracy, protecting your IT assets on premises, in the cloud and mobile endpoints. Its executive dashboard displays an overview of your security posture and access to remediation details. VM generates custom, role-based reports for multiple stakeholders, including automatic security documentation for compliance auditors.

Cybersecurity Risk Profile

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