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Simpatico Systems FileStash Basic Backup

Never leave your data unprotected

Technology has provided small businesses many advantages, particularly with easy record keeping and streamlined management. So why give up that advantage by neglecting to back up your systems and secure your data? Protect the business and reputation you’ve built by securing your data with Simpatico FileStash Basic Backup.

Our goal is to maximize the functionality of your business by fitting technology to your needs. If it seems like everyone is using the cloud these days, it’s because they are. Simpatico Systems’s cloud is a network of servers that allows access to your files from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Our cloud offers easily expandable storage space for all types of data while protecting your files from fire, natural disasters, or other technical issues.

Our comprehensive backup services ensure that your data is available before, during, and after a catastrophe.


Simpatico Systems FileStash Basic Backup offers convenient features to maximize your productivity

  • Automatic backups
  • Store up to 24 terabytes of data
  • Instant access to all your data from any computer or device
  • Compatible with PC and Mac operating systems
  • Android and iOS app available
  • Secure 256-bit encrypted data storage at a SSAE, SOC-1
  • Type II compliant data center


The benefits of Simpatico Systems FileStash Basic Backup translates into powerful functionality and security to keep your business focused on success.

  • Continuous data protection
  • Choose the exact amount of storage you need so you never run out of space
  • Automatic backups mean you never have to worry about your data’s security
  • Secure file sharing keeps every member of your team connected while keeping your files safe from outsiders

Firewall Checks

  • Routine Firewall maintenance
  • Internet browsing safeguards
  • Firewall firmware updates

Available Features

  • Managed Firewall
  • Burglar Alarm Monitoring
  • Barracuda Spam Filter
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Connectivity Management
  • Firewall Checks

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