Free Webinar Series: The Cloud and its Fundamental Security

Due to COVID-19, millions of people are now working from home. This means that more than ever before, businesses are pressed to collaborate and share files digitally between multiple employees in different locations. Now more than ever, businesses need to make sure the online tools and services they are using are secure.  Simpatico Systems is a leader in cybersecurity and will be hosting two free online webinars to help businesses keep their information and employees secure while working remotely.

  • The Cloud and its Fundamental Security – Part 1
    • Date: Thursday April 30th, 2020 @ 2 PM (CST)
  • The Cloud and its Fundamental Security – Part 2
    • Date: Thursday May 7th, 2020 @ 2 PM (CST)
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Pepper Campbell, Director of Finance, and Jeramia Cohen, Chief Information Security Officer, have years of experience helping businesses keep their companies and employees secure while using cloud services.  During the webinar you’ll gain insight into how you can protect your company from online attacks while helping your team thrive through the use of cloud services.

Join in on this crucial webinar to learn more about how you can put the right tools into place to put cloud services to work for your business.

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