Free Webinar: How to effectively manage a remote workforce

Many businesses have been forced to collaborate with their teams remotely with the outbreak of COVID-19.  Simpatico Systems is a leader in IT Management Solutions and will be hosting a free online webinar to help businesses effectively manage their remote workforce.

Cory Ruthardt, Executive Vice President of Technology, and Chris Ramirez, Vice President of Sales, have years of experience in helping remote teams work effectively.  During the webinar you’ll gain insight into how you can utilize the right tools to help your team communicate, collaborate, and excel while working at a distance from one another.

What plans do you have in place to maintain communication, accountability, and collaboration when separated by a computer screen?  Join in on this crucial webinar to learn more about how you can put the right tools into place to help you manage your remote workforce.

Reserve your spot today and help your team thrive while working remotely.


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